A Christmas tree for one!

My flatmate has suddenly quit her job and decided to go to India for 6 weeks, so I’ll be the only one in the apartment in the run up to Christmas. Even so, I think it is quite neccessary that I have decorations and a tree.

There is a stall selling trees at the Christmas market across the road from my building, so I went by on the way home from uni and bought one, thinking I could easily carry it home by myself. It is a living one with roots, so also came with a large pot of soil… It weighed an absolute ton. I managed to carry it about 100 yards down the road in about 10 minutes, at which point my arms were shaking and I was covered in soil, so I gave up and got a taxi the rest of the way (which google maps tells me is an embarrassing 600 metres). Once I had got it set up in apartment (with a little help from the concierge!) and cleaned up all the soil from the floor, I realised my arms and face were covered in a painful red rash! Not sure if this was just from the scratchy needles, or whether I am actually allergic to pine trees.

But I have a tree! And it’s such a cute little fat one. Now I am in the process of making my decorations out of bits and pieces in my crafty bit box. Pictures to follow 🙂


3 Responses to A Christmas tree for one!

  1. Zsuzsa says:

    oooh, sounds nice! the tree and decorations i mean, not the rash. (did it get any better?)
    can’t wait for the pictures!

  2. Alexia says:

    You know, I think you might be right. It’s becoming more and more difficult for me to deny my genius. It’s even harder to keep my ego in check.

    Your tree sounds darling! I don’t have one but you’re making me think that I should! By the way, I’m very impressed by the fact that you concierge! Miss you! xx

  3. Zari says:

    Yeah my apartment block is pretty fancy. I’m moving in March though so sadly you’ll never get to see my bachelorette pad!

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